Envisioning a safe, long term and cost-effective treatment for Type 1 Diabetes

Islet encapsulated implantable composite hollow fibre membrane-based device: Bioartificial Pancreas

About Us

  • Invitreo Biosciences is a Danish company that specializes in commercialising research in Nano & Regenerative medicine with a focus on Diabetes therapeutics.

  • Innovating is a difficult process and translating research into a marketable product is no easy task. Only a fraction of research outcomes from academic institutions have been commercialized, and the rest have remained as research projects.
  • We identify the feasibility of the research in terms of its implications in healthcare and work towards materializing it into commercially viable technology.
  • We have partnered with the Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen for long term preclinical studies, further development and commercialisation of a stem-cell based therapy for Type 1 Diabetes, also known as a Bioartificial Pancreas (BAP). The patented technology was developed by Prof. Jayesh Bellare and his team from IIT Bombay, and short term studies have shown restoration of normal concentration of glucose in the blood (normoglycemia) for 30 days in mouse models.
  • Vision

    Develop a safe, long term and cost-effective treatment for Type 1 Diabetes using this technology.

Core Team

Dr Flemming Pociot

Professor of Translational Type 1 Diabetes Research Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen

Dr Jayesh Bellare

Lead Principal Investigator & Institute Chair Professor Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

Dr Reza Yarani

Post Doctoral Translational Type 1 Diabetes Researcher Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen

Dr Usha Sriram

Chief Medical Advisor & American Board Certified Endocrinologist (Diabetes Metabolism)

Arun Venkatraman

Global Head of Innovation Management

Vikram Visvanathan

Founder & CEO